I left for work at 4:20 AM in an attempt to beat one of my co-workers in that always seems to beat me by 10 minutes.  I rolled into the parking lot at 5:05 AM and saw my nemesis’ normal parking spot empty and I pumped my fist in triumph until I saw that his car was parked in the back of the lot under the only shaded spot in the parking lot for protection from the mid-day sun.  I also saw that the lights in his lab were on and I consigned myself to the knowledge that he never leaves.  Later that day:
Me: Paul’s beat me into work every day this week, I left home before 4:30 and he was still here first.
Kate: Paul left for the UK yesterday evening.
Me: How’d he get to the airport?
Kate: He was picked up by an airport shuttle.
Me: Then why were the lights on this morning?
Kate: I forgot to turn off the lights last night.
Me: I win!
Your work-life is good when your goal is to beat a 60 year-old man into work and you got to bed at 8:00 PM to reach that goal.