9.5 hours of work as my last official day at work went well and was followed by a 5-Color Event where I got win my own prize.  But the part of the day that will live in my memory for eternity occurred at the diner afterwards.  The American Star Diner located on Route 63 smacks of aged management, the drinks don’t have free refills, lettuce on a burger is extra and the salad bar contains pickled beets.  I scoured the menu for value and found it: the plain omelet with cheese for $4.75.  No, not the cheese omelet, which would have cost $5.25, but the plain omelet with a side of cheese.  Also, to get four scrabbled eggs with cheese would have been $6.50 and didn’t include the hash browns or the wheat toast that I ordered, which was written down as white, and was served as rye.  So, for the first time in four years, I walked out a diner having only paid $6.00 for the meal.  This was immediately followed by standing around like tools it the parking lot trying to remember two jokes which I later recalled and insisted on calling a 1/2 dozen people at midnight to tell.

Joke 1: What’s the difference between McJagger and a Scotsman?  McJagger says “hey you, get off of my cloud!” the Scotsman says “Hey McCloud, get off of my ewe!”
Joke 2: What’s the difference between a trapeze act and a strip show? One is a cunning display of stunts, and you can figure out the rest.

Finally, Katie Wesachipwich called me while intoxicated, which isn’t terribly different from talking to her normally except I don’t get hit as much and she apologizes for grammatical errors.  We shall have to spend an enchanting evening with a fine wine-in-a-box.