At the end of the camp season, I asked for a #10 can of Rice Pudding.  Why? Because I love rice pudding.  So, after a mediocre pork dinner provided by my brother I pulled out my can of pudding eliciting gasps of awe from the other table-sitters.  I stroll, can in hand, over to the can opener and put the can in.  Nothing.  Apparently, the ChefMagic can opener wasn’t design to go through food-service grade aluminum.  The blade eventually catches and cleanly scratches the top of the can.  I could feel it with my finger so I put the can in and let the opener go nuts for 10 minutes while we watch people get hit in the junk by footballs or are pants.  The brave blade finally breaks through and lets out a blood curdling screech as the actual aluminum is cut.  The blade immediately stops again and my father, with Robinson family ingenuity goes at it with the can opener.  Shortly the blood-curdling in screech is replaced with a teeth-jarring/spine-tingling howl.  There’s good news and bad news.  The good news: The can’s open.  The bad news: My father may be arrested for appliance abuse.  Anyone know of a good can-opener?