Act Sci 3596 is the capstone course for Actuarial Science and today we did the “hi, my name is” routine asking where everyone was in the major as well as job experience.  The teacher was very inquisitive about everything until he got to me:
Me: I’ve worked on and off for a pharmaceutical firm for the last few years and recently I’ve done some CAPA work as well.
Teacher: What division?
Me: Chronic care, making medical devices
Teacher: What type of devices?
Me: Ostomy appliances
Teacher: Like?
Me: Colostomy bags and Fecal Management Systems.
(At this point he has no idea what I’m talking about but pressed on)
Teacher: And who was your target group?
Me: People who can’t shit right.
Teacher: Oh. *Giggles from people who’ve heard this before* Okay, why did you pick Act. Sci as your major?
Me: To win a bet with my High School Calculus Teacher.
Teacher: Moving on, Kelly Roh?