I want to play BioShock, NOW!  To the point where I drove to New Jersey to buy a motherboard after I realized how barebones mine was (didn’t include a God damn CMOS battery, that’s like buying a car with the pedals as an item bought separatedly.)  Anyway, I tool over to CircuitCity as they’re the only people selling it on sale for $40.00 instead of $50.00.  Faulknerian Idiot Manchild is manning the Customer Service desk who told me the following three amazing facts:
1) CircuitCity doesn’t sell video games “like that”.  WTF does that mean?
2) BioShock is a Mac game (the top 2 inches of the box say “Games for Windows”) so they don’t have it.
3) I couldn’t get a rain-check because the game was available at other stores.