Some months ago I purchased a trash can to bring down recyclables rather than 20 bins of sorted crap that’s unneccessary for our commingled recycling stream.  The bin was working fine up until a month ago when my family was crippled by the new recycling folks not picking up the bin.  After a drinking contest my brother waged against himself, I put everything into a construction garbage bag, which is a normal garbage bag but much thicker and that was picked up with no problem while the green can, brimming with obvious recyclables like aluminum can and 2 liter soda bottles sat untouched.  In anger, I made a 4″ x 4″ label that said “commingled” and taped it in place.  The next day, the cans were picked up although amazingly the lettering had been rendered unintelligible by rain resulting a smear of black and blue ink.  Apparently, all you need to have recyclables picked up is some sort of polychromatic smear.  I think I’ll tape a Jackson Pollack to the bin this week and see if it works.