Kook at Temple’s Main Concourse: Worshipping anything but God directly is idolotry and a sin?
Me: Wouldn’t worshipping God directly be impossible, as we’re incapable of understanding infinity?
Kook at Temple’s Main Concourse: You can still worship God without idolotry.
Me: But you’re saying it’s a sin to worship the idea of God or at least our best understanding of the dude.  Look at Paul’s letter to the Tholians, he quotes Jesus saying “alone let he who knows my father cast praise upon him” doesn’t that imply that we can worship things besides God in his infinity?
Kook at Temple’s Main Concourse: *defeated smirk laugh* Despite the fact that I’m going to hell for inventing a book of the Bible and then making up a quote about it, I got a sheeping smirk laugh! I live off of those things, if I can get another one from him if he returns Monday, I’ll have enough secret power to be a vigilante contrarian well into 2008.