I was cooking for the campmaster corps this weekend and some say I use too much butter.  I wager this is impossible but an incident highlighted this.  When I make grilled cheese I dip the outside of the sandwich in warm butter before toasting to give the sandwich, well a buttery taste.  I was walking into the dining room of totem with a 7 or so butter/cheese sandwiches and as I leaned to put the plate on the table, the whole sandwich massed slipped off the plate and moved as one onto the table.  There was enough extra butter to act as both a lubricant and a glue to hold the sandwiches together for what I assume was a harrowing sandwich trip.  The buttery excess less was far from over, as I pushed the sandwiches back on the plate to serve a butter imprint/butter smear was left on the table where the sandwiches hit.  Needless to say, the sandwiches were good.