Friday Night Magic is normally the high point of my Friday and this was no exception.
1) Ryan Oberholtzer complained about the number of shield bugs in my house.  He removed the top of a box of Magic cards and a shield bug flew out and almost went up his nose.
2) A woman left her children in Cyborg 1 for about 90 minutes and before she returned I grilled the kids on why his mother left him there to the point where the owner nearly ejected me.  The kid goes to the can and the mother comes back slightly inebriated and starts panicking because her son isn’t there.
Woman: Where’s my son?
Store Owner: Pardon?
Woman: My son! He was here a bit ago!
Store Owner: How old was he?
Woman: Nine.
Me, cutting off store owner:  Are you suggesting that you left your nine year-old son alone while you went to dinner?
Woman: No…… It was just for a minute.
Me: *Looks at watch, raises eyebrow*
Woman: Here her is!
Son, coming through back door: Mom, you’re back, can I get this *holds up Hulk World War*
Woman: No, I don’t know why you’d want anything here.
Good enough to abandon him there, but not good enough to buy stuff, hm….
3) Marcus calling 4 Caucasian males n*ggers.