5-Color was fun and immediately following I visited TJ and Val and enjoyed some keen fireworks courtesy of Arcadia University.  As the various shells went off I took it upon myself to suck all the wonder out of it by explaining the various mechanisms and coloring agents.  Immediately followed was a 2 hour ordeal of attempting to shoo off a barn of TJs.  All the normal attempts to be rid of him failed to dump him up too and including “Hey, TJ and Val, let’s go back to my place!” and “TJ I’m looking forward to seeing that new TV of yours.”  Nothing worked until I finally made up an elaborate ruse involving visiting from the other side of Philly and having rented the car and rarely being able to visit.  I think the weight of his anger reduced my fuel economy by half as I drove him home after trying to pry him off our Wawa trip.  TJ and I recovered by reviewing 30 pages of lolcats.