The iPod adapter for my car radio is giant.  It fits nowhere and comes with 12 feet of cable going from the radio to the adapter, as if I drive an Escalade and want to plug into the iPod of the guy piloting the boat I’m towing.  I looked online for the directions that weren’t included and I find what I’m supposed to do:
Section 1: Installation
1. Remove adhesive backing to double-sided adhesive tape.
2. Attach double-sided adhesive tape firmly to iPod adapter.
3. Remove second adhesive backing to double-sided adhesive tape.Section 2: Operating the iPod

Doesn’t it seem like something’s been missed?  It looks like really strong adhesive and I don’t want to just put it anywhere.  Alternatively, I can just let the thing dangle next to the firewall of the car and wait for the box to burst into flames.