My father called the previous evening asking if I wanted to order out with him, I said I was going to be in late and declined.  Being the nice guy he is, he still got me a pleasant chicken parm platter he got after my brother went to bed at the crack of 7 PM.  I stumbled in at midnight and went immediately to bed.  At school today, I was rather hungry as Stat approached but not wanting to pay for food I remembered the chicken parm awaiting me and smiled.  That is until I realized that my brother now beat me home and would consume my chicken parm with great gusto should I not make the 2:57 train and beat his 4 o’ clock return time.  I enter stat, see we have a quiz and start shooting through in an effort to leave in the 7 minutes I have to make the train and victoriously consume the bird.  The first question is easy but the next two were the statistical analog of filing a 1040-A and I frantically start inventing equations and non-existent shortcuts to finish.  I windmill slam the paper on the instructor’s desk and book out.  I profoundly failed the quiz, but the chicken was wonderful.