I enter the train at about 11:53 and the train is full except for a grumpy looking man sitting on the aisle and blocking the open space with a coat and Dunkin’ Donuts bag.  I ask him to move in, which he refuses, I stand there blocking traffic and he stands, grabs his coat and leaves the empty donut bag.  I sit, he sits down and pulls out a magazine and a Styrofoam coffee cup.  After a few stops, he gets up and sits in a more open seat leaving behind his Dunkin’ Donuts bag.  He then moves into another seat a few stops later and leaves his coffee cup behind.  This trick is repeated a 3rd time when he leaves his magazine and another bag behind.  I’m enraged.  This prick is jaunting around the train making sour faces at the ticket-takers and avoiding sitting with anyone.  I begin following him picking up the trash along the way and when he gets up at his final stop, I walk up behind him, tap him on the shoulder and say “sir, I think you forgot these”.  I get a scowl that could start a brush fire and he walks out without taking anything.  Dickweed.