Day 0 – Me: Bill, I think we should charge leaders a flat rate for the week that units can fill how ever they want.
Bill:  I don’t think we can go quite that far, I think a half week limit would be a good starting point, that’d be good.
Day 1 – Me: Bill, I don’t think the rate makes sense with half-week leaders as that’s a significant rate cut compared to our previous day rates.
Day 2 – Tom: Terry, the day rate thing doesn’t make sense.  What ever happened to the flat rate idea that AnnaMarie proposed?
Me:  I told Bill that and he didn’t like it.
Day 3 – Bill: Terry, I think we should use a flat rate for leaders regardless of how long they stay that can be filled how ever a unit wants.
Me:  Bill, I proposed…. can you hold on a second?
Bill: Yes.
Me *after hitting mute button*: GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *mute off* That’s a good idea, Bill.
Bill:  What’s that noise in the background?
Me *teeth grinding*: I think there’s a connection problem on my end.  How about an overnight rate for leaders coming up Friday to Saturday and Sunday to Monday to help units get in?
Bill: Let me think about it.
Day 4 – Tom: I told Bill about your idea for leaders staying overnight to help units arrive and leave and he’s not sold on it.  I think he wants to tweak it a bit.
Day 5 – Bill: Terry, I think we should have an overnight rate for leaders that want to help units settle in and leave.  What do you think?
Me *vision begins to narrow, blood pools in chest, fist clench to uncomfortable degree, urge to kill rising*:  That’s a good idea, I wish I had thought of it to clean up this leader fee mess.
Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery if it’s done by someone with the memory of a goldfish?