I could have woken up before 11:00 AM, I could have have gone home and done my homework and I could have done the camp work I set out to do that would prevent irate leaders from emailing me.  Instead I woke up at noon, skipped homework and watched Transformers the movie adding a commentary track the entire way.  While I wasn’t officially keeping score I think I got 5 points, not quite enough to win the movie but if I hadn’t taken two bathroom breaks I think I could have gotten the two remaining points.  If you’ve never participated in competitive movie watching, it’s a wonderful way to improve a ho-hum movie.  Points are awarded for predicting lines, plot twists, the end to rising action, plot events, romantic entanglements, jokes and surprise characters.  I’m the current champion of Ockanickon’s Competitive Movie Watching League quickly seconded by Nick Lutz who tied me while watching Aspen Extreme.  I strongly recommend practicing with the terrible movies of the mid to early 90s or other genre films.  The rules are tweaked based on genre, such as properly predicting which characters die in a horror film and what laws of physics will be broken in Sci-Fi/Action movies.