I shat myself in Joy Reading this:  MPAA Violates Copyright

I apologize for forgetting to add this, pardon.
“Terry, the stuff I sent you a week ago isn’t on the webpage yet.”
“Can you hold on a second, let me end the call on the other side”
:”Sure” *Hit mute button and run to computer, opening FrontPage and connecting to OSR server*
“You there?” *end mute*
“Well?” *Open main page and turn 2007 to 2008 on insurance page*
“I’ve updated it, hit refresh, you might be looking at an old copy”
“There it is, let me to check the reference code” Shit, there’s a reference code “Well, everything looks good, thanks”
Apparently, the only person lazier than me and my failure to update Ockanickon.org is the insurance company and their refusal to change the policy number from year to year, woo ha!