Whenever I take notes for a meeting I add at least two notes that make no sense to the meeting agenda in the form of random facts, quotes or segments of musicals.  I also do this with papers for teachers who I think are lazy and in one case a particularly fat teacher receive a paper where the first letter of each line formed the acrostic word “chocolate” in the first paragraph of each page.  I’ve never been called on this before as minutes are generally never read.  Tuesday I took minutes for the Playwicki District Committee Meeting and sent out the minutes today.  Of the meeting attendees, 11 were volunteers and 3 were professionals of some stripe, of those none of the professionals noted any changes but 8 of the 11 volunteers did.  8 out of 11.  This act has singlehandedly saved my failing faith in the District as an organization unit in Scouting.  For reference, the two lines added were:
1) The opossum is the only marsupial in American.
2) (Under the news section) What’s in the daily news?  I’ll tell you what’s in the daily news!  A guy buys his wife a diamond ring with what have otherwise been his FOS dues.  That’s what’s in the daily news.
Four of the 8 even identified Guys and Dolls as the source of the 2nd quote.