The head of the Church at which the new Pack meets just purchased a teh nutz home theatre system with 7.2 channel sound, blu-ray DVD player, dual satellite feed and a 65″ plasma screen.  He offers me $50 to set up the system, I agree, but upon arrival see that the DirecTV guy has set up damn near everything.  I ask the pastor what the problem is and he says the sound only comes out of two speakers and he’s been trying to fix it for hours.  He leaves me with the system and I realize that the two speakers he’s hearing from his 2 billion watt speaker set-up are the ones built into the TV.  I hit the “output type” button in the remote and all 9 speakers start blaring Worship TV.  The pastor’s already given me the $50 and I can’t possibly take it after 2 minutes of work, so I suck in my gut and remember the Scout Oath and Law: A Scout is Thrifty and a Scout is Courteous.  I decide not to break the pastor’s heart as he seems to consider himself tech savvy and fiddle with the cables and set my watch for a 25 minute countdown while selectively disconnecting speakers and devices as he returns and watches in wonder the surgery I’m performing.  My watch dings, I plug in the last cable, I hit the button and 700 watts of the 700 Club thunders through the condo.  Pat Robertson never sounded so good.