After FNM we underwent an epic quest to acquire Rock Band which involved around 38 miles of driving and breaking into the store-room of a K-mart.  In my mind it wasn’t breaking and entering in that the door was open and we had a legitimate purpose in being there so the manager was way out of line when he threw us out.  Anyway, we found it but the place’s credit card machine was broke and I was the only one with sufficient cash to buy it out right.  I was reluctant to let Gregg and Ryan borrow 200 dollars until I realized that doing so would allow me to see a fat racist white dullard butcher the lyrics to “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar.  The Benjamins came out and I was on my way to what amounted to karaoke night at a klan meeting.  If the idiocy of racists isn’t enough to dissuade you of their philosophy I strongly recommend you watch them play a fake bass guitar.