I did the same test today 570 times.  Why you might ask?  Because I wanted to know that they were all done and that I’d never have to deal with the passive aggressive sniping of one of the pilot plant employees.  When I finished the 600 samples (30 were done by someone else) I returned them to the in-house manufacturers and was met by two things.  1) Good job! But said in the passive aggressive way that questioned my competance.  “Wow, I didn’t think you could test them so quickly without taking short cuts or mis-labeling samples.” and 2) “now that we know how quickly you can do them, you should have no trouble testing the next batch of 9000.”I was at first angered by this until I heard how it came about: one of our departments has been dragging its heels regarding a project were doing and kept coming up with excused to delay.  Finally, there was a show down where the evil department head said the only way the project could go forward was if we produced 10000 sample products by the end of January, an attempt to break our spirits.  The project head with R&D literally responded by saying “bring it”.  At least I have an excuse for overtime, now.