The two brothers in Face/Off are named Castor and Pollux Troy, how dumb is that.  If this is another stupid attempt to smart up an action movie I’m going to symbolically delete my digital copy and then immediately retrieve the back up.Probably some prick writer trying to prove his knowledge of Greek history, if so the last name Sparta would have been better, even better than that some sort of anagram (Traspa, Rapast?), but no couldn’t go quite that far Mr. Sweatervest-wearing, latte-sipping David Sedaris-quoting media whore.  You will spend the rest of your life realizing you’ve never had an original or clever idea.

As you can see, this is a new section and I’d like to see what everyone thinks about it.  Most of the one’s in this category will simply be me yelling at the inconsequential.  Also, if you have your own, I’ll post it with proper credits.  If you do a bunch you can be a contributor.  I already have one other, Teejay Green.  He’ll shoot out something eventually as his posts are like panda babies, rare but wondrous.