Torn is the new NWT (new with tags)

I previously purchased only private label/store brands from eBay to save money but after running into problems with their inferior quality purchased two pairs of Polo shorts marked as New Without Tags (NWOT).  I received them today and felt like a bit of a Philistine as I couldn’t tell if the shorts had actually been used.  The ends of the cargo tabs were frayed, the pockets were rubbed in and the webbing was a bit gnarly, but the tell-tale sign of fat-man-abuse of a damaged crotch and stretch marks at the knees weren’t present.  They also smelled somewhere between sweat sock and springtime baby rain or some equally dumb smell.  The front left pocket contained a small scrap of white paper that had a large 14 written in permanent marker.  Either the seller’s trying to fake inspection or the inspectors are damn poor.