Carpentry Heathen

My weekend project was setting up my file server with Windows Home Server and organizing the orgy of cables in my closet.  I didn’t trust my ability to find the studs in my closet as they were irregularly spaced and the drywall was double-thick so while I was out buying a shelf I picked up an inexpensive stud-finder.

I returned home and my dad, seeing the stud-finder entered a diatribe on how stud findered were plagues upon the planet as they were nothing but handyman snake oil.  I explained how the device could either be based on capacitance or ultrasound (turns out it was capacitance)  which my father immediately dismissed with an argumentative fervor rivaling WWII Germany’s dismissal of nuclear chemistry as Jew science.  I was using it post my router when he walked in and saw it in use.  He watched for a moment and left saying “that thing wouldn’t work if the nails weren’t so obvious”.