unu bileto angle

I’ve spent the day trying to find the trial version of Microsoft’s OneNote software after I installed Vista on my tablet.  Most people would identify three problems with that statement, but I shall continue.  I couldn’t find the official trial to convert to a registered version as everything on Microsoft is like “only homos use 2003, 2007 is as amazing as Vista over XP!”  I broke down and searched the tubes for a torrent of the files I needed but a version that wasn’t cracked as I had a valid registration code.  I finally found and installed one only to discover after the install that the program was in Icelandic.  I then tried to remove the program except that the removal options were in well, Icelandic so at each removal prompt I had to guess which option to pick only to discover I had hit the Icelandic word for “cancel” or “repair”.  After about 6 tries, I removed it only to find that in the installation process, the default Office language had been changed… to Icelandic.   Ugh.