Last Year, Last Semester, First Day

BA 4196 – Instructed by the world’s ugliest man. In fact, during the opening discussion I had trouble talking with him as I was distracted by all the hideous he had on his face. He has bat-like vision and dog-like hearing and doesn’t like computers so I’ve been trying to find a way to type quietly.

Econ 3563 – Instructor’s taught the course for 38 years and does the entire course without notes or an outline and I’ve always admired teachers that could that. He has no concept of formatting and it appeared he was equally likely to double space after a period as to simply hit tab.

Him: Unless your an accountant or an actuary, most of the material in this course is useless.
Me: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (my shout of joy lasted a good three seconds and was impolitely loud)

He also made fun of Philadelphia for using the term jimmies instead of sprinkles.

Lunch-A delicious chicken Caesar sandwich. If tasty needed a representative on the UN Security Council, this sandwich would be in the running as a delegate from Tastionia.

Act Sci 3503-Worst handwriting I’ve ever seen, like difficulty making somewhat straight lines bad.   He read the syllabus as someone who’s retiring remembers the milestones of his work “Credibility indexes, we had some wild times when those first came on the scene.  We were young” and the like.

Train-Sandwiched between woman thinking I was reading her book and women whose book I was reading.