This post void if removed

I’m doing they type of testing I hate, where it’s busy enough that you can’t do anything else at the same time and dull enough that you’d envy sorting sand by size.  In the two minute testing cycle I have one 25 second break and one 17 second break where I stare at the stuff around me.  It’s also not easy enough that I can hold more than bits of conversation while doing it, so it may be the dullest test I’ve done to date.

Anyway, while staring around I started looking at all the calibration stickers in the lab that I could see from my station and noticed one that was partly peeled and said “CALIBRATION VOID IF REMOVED”.  Most of the time, a shitty cellophane tape is used so it’s obvious if they’re removed, except for this one looked matte rather than glossy so during my 25 second break I started picking at it and peeled it off.  I looked on the other size and imprinted on the back was this: Avery EZ-reMOVE.  So, how did I use my new weapon?  I placed it over the casette deck section of the boom box so one of my co-workers could put any of his gaiye free-jazz tapes.