Vicarious Stupidity

My BA 4196 teach has been annoyed that we’re not taking more advantage of his “encyclopedic” knowledge of Business, especially computer firms of the ’80s and ’90s.  To combat this, he had each of us come to class with a 1/2 sheet of paper containing a question for him to answer in class.  The class readings are so profoundly straight forward that even slope-brow dullard advertising majors have no questions, possibly because they communicate with sub-audible clicks and whistles, but this is simply a theory.  He checks submissions by checking your name off a list as you hand it to him and doesn’t actually check if your name is on it.  So now, each class, I pick someone who’s not paying attention and write a simple-minded question in there honor on the level of “where do babies come from?” The teacher will answer the sophomoric question while staring at the person in question and asking stupidly simple intermediary questions, continuing the example above “do you know what a vagina is?”, with the student responding “yes, I know what a vagina is…” and I watch as they die a little inside.  I hope he doesn’t figure out my evil plan, if not, I may submit questions from Joe Baloke and Warren Buffett