Sunday, Campmastering

Various things said during the weekend:

(In response to Bill Schilling seeing my music collection) Me: Stop making fun of the fact that I have “The Great Gatsby” on audiobook.

(Me positing Harris’s Emo Band Name Theory)  Me: Kyle believes that any combination of a girl’s name, color and month makes an emo band.  Like Stacey’s Blue November.
Rob: Okay, so Shaniqua’s Toupe February
Me: It still needs some work.

(When discussing who on staff we’d take a bullet for)

Rob: I’d take a bullet for Tom.  (Later) Preferably in the shoulder.
Bill Schilling: I don’t know if I’d take a bullet for him.  Maybe eventually.  I’d have to be liquored up first.
Terry:  Maybe through that flap of skin next to the thumb, or the hair.

 This brought up an incident at camp where the Trading Post staff had taken to re-arranging letters on the price board.  I changed “65 years of great camping” into “65 yars uf groat capsig”.  Tom later inspected the Trading Post and called me to say that the sign in the TP was messed up.  I asked him how, and he said it should be 66 not 65.  Tom, you spelling god.