Car Trouble

I’ve had my first two problems with my car:  On the way to work, the Tire Inflation light came on telling me that the tire pressure was either low or high and each time I went over a bump, the tire pressure would momentarily spike and then drop as the tire compressed and expanded, each time the car thought something wonderful had happened and emitted an earpiercing “MEEP MEEP MEEP”.  Okay, fine, I could just go over bumps slowly to avoid this, or so I thought.  I tried pressing the Warning Reset button but slipped and hit the button to pop the rear window which immediately began clicking open and closed, which was fine as long as I didn’t accelerate or decelerate.  So, now whenever someone suddenly stopped in front of me or I hit a bump I got *click, clickitty, click click click* MEEP MEEP MEEP *click, clickitty, click click click, clickitty click* MEEP MEEP MEEP (that last set was from me slamming the breaks in anger)