Speed Scrabble

Scrabble is a game I’ve always enjoyed and camp has been the most common place for play.  Being an arrogant sum-bitch my goal is always to either use obscure words in an attempt to get someone to challenge me or use just plain bigger words than other people.

The floor has leveled somewhat by people bringing Scrabble Dictionaries and other game aides but vastly lengthened the time required to complete a game.  I’ve fought back with speed Scrabble.  Each player has two minutes to make a move and once time is up you have five seconds to start moving tiles, skip your turn or refresh your rack.  The greatest change upon implementing these rules was that Anthony Celona’s score skyrocketed.

We tried more versions where we eventually got move times down to a little under a minute and each reduction in time gave Anthony another leap in points until he became devastating close to victory at 50 seconds a move.  Once again, the less thought involved, the more probably Anthony’s victory.  At 15 seconds a move he’d be a world champion.