Adventurous Eating, episode 1: Peach Citrus Fresca

Fresca has always had a special place in my stomach as the only thing vaguely grapefruit-like that I’ll consume. So when I saw Peach Citrus Fresca on sale I grabbed a 12 pack and dove in.

Flavor: You remember those peach rings that typically come in the bulk candy section of convenience stores usually under great names like “CandyZ” or “Fruit Fuid”? Well, take a half full of them, and let them steep in flat ginger-ale overnight. Garnish with lemon pith and you have yourself the Peach Citrus Fresca.

Goes with: If you’re the kind of person that smokes while on the patch, down these with some peach rings and wait for a kidney to shut down in protest. Alternatively, it may become palpable with some sort of Mandarin chicken or onion mango salad. I think it’d be interesting to try and marinade pork in it, and by interesting I mean a crime against porcine rights.