Earfucker 2000

About a week ago, I lost one of the silicone tips for my earbuds and replaced it with the set that came with them.  I then lost those and thought I’d wait to see if I could find them.  After two days of not being able to block out mindless drivel I searched for a new set.  I settled on a set by Etymotics described as ECHs or Ear Canal Headphones, they looked odd but were touted to block out noise better.  Then I got them… and stared… The earpiece was giant, how was that going to fit in my ear?  Well, as I image a determined pedophile would do, I made it fit.  Putting the earbuds involves me pulling back my ear to open the ear canal and the twisting them into place until it feels like strongly exhaling would force my typanic membrane against the tip of the bud.

Wow…  I can hear the sound in my fucking jaw while blocking out sound to the extent that I can barely hear my car alarm going off.  Penny Arcade did a comic that I think suggested this phenomenon in the last panel.  When I pull out the headphones the ring that goes furthest into the ear comes out slightly yellow.  I don’t know if that’s healthy, but it sounds good.