Awkward Sleep Position

Each Tuesday and Thursday, I have a 3 hour break at midday between two classes and it doesn’t make much sense for me to go home, so I tool around Temple, hit up Turkish Lunch Cart #2 or Greek Lunch Cart #4 (combine them and you get Cyprus, oh!) for a wicked gyro (they like that I don’t pronounce it JI-rho).  Today, I ate my gyro and promptly fell asleep in the Speakman study area.  For some strange reason, when I fall asleep on the train or at school, I don’t move around nor make much noise compared to my normal heavy breathing when sleeping.  Today was an exception.

I woke up with my arms flung out to the size of me my head back, mouth open and somehow I was in the exact middle of the aisle of 10 partitioned desks in the study area.  Apparently I’d been like this for some time, as the aisle  dead-ends and to the right of me all the chairs were full while those to the left were empty.  Temple follows the urinal rule of only using every other desk space when possible, I’d clearly broke that up.  I went to the restroom and I had sleep lines on my face like I’d rested on something, yet I had no jacket, pillow or bag on which to sleep.  So I think someone’s got an odd story to tell about a man stealing their jacket to use as a pillow, I hope that person comes to school on Tuesday and tells me.  Hopefully I don’t fall asleep.