Ungrateful Little Brat

For the last year I’ve supported a few local Magic players by providing them cards in exchange for any promotional cards they win as part of their regular playing.  They cover entrance and what not and get any prizes except for those scintillating slices of cardboard periodically dispensed to participants.  Anyway,  a local player who I think is about 12 wanted to compete in Grand Prix: Philly which is a rather large (850+ people, is my guess) tournament coming up soon and asked to borrow cards.  I refused his offers of payment and had him email a deck list of stuff he wanted the proximate week.

He sends me the list and I reply telling him I may not have everything and that he should be prepared to pick up some cards himself but after using some favors, doing some bad trades and using some of my own promos I get 71 of the 75 cards he needs and bring it to the next event.  I give him the pile, tell him that I’ve gotten 71 of the 75 cards he needs and he immediately starts pestering me for the last 4.  Why don’t you have them? Is there anyone you can buy them from? How am I a supposed to get them? Well, can’t you’re friends that actually pay you use something else?  I get him 94.6% of the cards he needs and he bitches, I let people borrow 3 or 4 cards and I practically get a shrine and receive burnt offerings, and he bitches about four god-damn cards.

Kids today.