Can the Boy Scouts use this?

In a recent meeting where we nearly got a Sundae Bar, we were also told we needed to clean up the labs to be more “efficient”. Crazy Germans. Anyway, as the whole building was cleaning I was continually bombarded with the following: “Can the Boy Scouts use” followed by something of varying utility. Here’s a list of what I was offered:

  • Array of plastic bins (taken)
  • 200 foot roll of polyurethane foam (not taken, too big)
  • Collection of bottles that clearly looked like they were meant to store bleach (water bottles!)
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography set-up (not taken, I don’t care if Science can use it)
  • 200 bottles of hypoallergenic hand cream (taken, I now have very smooth hands and so can you)
  • Cardboard cores (taken, must find use for them)
  • 8000 glass pipettes (not taken, 8000?)

There were a few others but I nearly unplugged my phone after I was offered 14 high stretch fistula straps which are essentially surgical sumo diapers.