e-Tournament Trials

I had the idea of holding a tournament online to promote the obscure variant of Magic I greatly enjoy and this weekend I played my first sequence of matches and then decided to try recording another match with screen capture software.  So I Skype’d Tom Folsom and began playing.  Midway through his brother Ed decided to get in and the line was immediately dominated by the dumb Folsom twin who sounded like his microphone was instead a brass victrola horn.  He said he wouldn’t say much until 20 minutes leader all I hear is “oh, God!  Don’t throw up on my bed” followed by Tom yelling “No, don’t throw up on my shoes” followed by both lines going dead.

Apparently  the Folsom’s recently got a new dog that they paid for (I don’t understand people who pay for pets) that has a penchant for throwing up.  My dog was free and on the hole has stopped throwing up.   These are complications I didn’t plan for in doing an e-Tournament.  I’m curious to see what round 2 holds.  A cat having a seizure?  A heroine-crazed Brian Dennehy punching you in the solarplexis?  Who knows!