It's Done

I began the day auspiciously with a splinter the size of a fat toothpick puncturing my foot as I stood up emerging from the womb of sleep. The sliver jammed itself between fissures in my skin so despite the pain of each foot fall I knew its excision would be great and satisfying. A scalpel and pair of pliers were the instruments of my relief although I failed to properly plan for the torrent of blood that quickly crossed my office carpet. I was fast enough with the baking soda to stop most of the staining and seeing everything in its place I’ve taped the rebellious cellulose spear to my monitor as a reminder of my indefatigable quest to finish this damned semester.

After 11 more hours of feverish work I clicked “Yes to All” and F5 to refresh the Ockanickon server now repleat with the 2008 Leader Guide. I checked every link. Literally, everyone, even all the one’s on the Guide Index that links back to every other section as well as the 60 links on the departments page that lists the badge requirements offsite. I can now name not only the full path for every section of the leader guide but also the internal anchors and bookmarks. Where once was #cope is now #spokenrope which had to be changed in 7 places. I can name those 11 places as well but will spare you.

If my successor so much as edits the guide next year on a computer where a Microsoft Word window is open I will find them and break their thumbs. I was thinking of being more extreme, but decided that they’d still have to finish the guide.