1337 h4x0r tech support

The Team Fortress 2 clan in which I participate has undergone a bit of a coup de etat after the forceful ejection of someone who was considered a loudmouth so I’ve been participating in the efforts to find a new server our group.  I started looking at servers and found one that had a special deal based on participation size and I asked a question of their tech support.  Apparently, to prove their gaming chops, each agent puts his gaming handle in his name.  I shortly received a response from Jack “spyder” Bauer about issue and I had a follow up question which was answered by Tanner “7hoR [GS]” Dunnings.  I had a payment question that was answered by Peggy “d()()m m41d3n” Clark.  While I find it funny that they had a payment person named “doom maiden” this in no way encouraged me to use their product.  In fact it did quite the opposite.

I eventually purchased a server space elsewhere through a guy named Jim from Cleveland.  Knowing that he was neither a leet hackzor nor someone who frequently  pwned n00bs vastly increased my confidence.