Strata of Crap

Over the last semester, on Mondays and Wednesdays I’d stop for lunch on my way to school at some fast food vendor and put the napkin I got above the passenger visor.  If I got a note or something I’d jam it in there too and a day or two ago I took out the pile as it reached about 3 inches thick and about 60 napkins over 20 weeks.

I felt like a geologist.  There were strata formed by napkins as you could tell when someone had a lunch deal because there’d be four Arby’s napkins in a row during the Roastbeefian period followed by several Burger King napkins after the Nuggetine extinction which preceded the $2 Whopper Tuesday Epoch.  I was able to get absolute dating on some points because of two parking tickets.   I’m curious if the same phenomenon occurs with center consoles and other hidden stack places.

Do you have any crap chronologies?