Food, in the fridge, WOW!

It has literally be five months since anyone has gone food shopping.  We’d consumed just about everything to the point where I was marinading 4 month old venison  in Italian dressing and Arby’s Horsey Sauce to serve with broccoli florets emancipated from a solid block of ice.  Today that ended.  And it was good.  I repeatedly looked at things on the shelves and said to myself “that looks good” or “I’ll enjoy broiling that”, I’d then look at my AmEx card, and place the item in the card while giggling like a school girl.  I repeated this from about produce to cereal before it wore off, it again return when I found cheese and ice cream that were buy one get one free.

I brought in the food and immediately had some yogurt, a pickle and 3 pieces of fruit.  I was saddened that there were more things I wanted to consume but couldn’t due to insufficient stomach capacity when I noticed that the walls of my kitchen featured cabinetry I could use for storage, thus allowing me to consume them later! How did no one think of this previously?