The History of SuburbanAdventure

Apparently my site is built on a burial ground of some sort.  TWiT discussed the Internet Archive and their book scanning efforts shuffled into (which is just an amazing effort to index all that has been written, Brewster Kahle‘s behind it, it will happen).  Anyway, I waybackmachined SuburbanAdventure and found this beast from 2002.

 The Suburban Adventure Group is dedicated to challenging the athlete or weekend warrior in all of us and to bring back that feeling of being able to run and play forever, without having to leave your back yard

I believe I’ve taken this to another degree to “without having to enter the backyard”.  I’m stunned though, that this page used ASP which at the time was a bit poorly developed, like using PHP in 96 or so.  I wonder how far this page will stand linkrot and time.

Otherwise I’ve spent the day being angry at news outlets that spent Memorial Day praising veterans rather than the dead.  I do the same on Veterans day when they do the reverse.