Storing Food for Summer

Meetings at work have slowly become more common and the arts of foraging (taking food after a meeting) and poaching (the daring taking of food before a meeting) has returned.  Today, a meeting ended and there were about 30 cans of various colas left so I grabbed 12 or so (two in each front pocket, one in the back pocket, two each in the front pockets in my lab coat, and one in each of the other three pockets.)  I was walking back to my desk when:

George: Did you take any of the sodas from that meeting down the hall, I have a meeting in there afterwards.
Me:  I can’t lie, *looks at lab coat* no.
George: Did you at least leave the regular cokes?
Me: Yeah.  Just took the diet iced teas
George: Good, the diet gives you cancer and the tea gives you kidney stones.
Me: Worth it.