Adventures in Eating, vol 4 – Caramel cheddar popcorn

Normally I’m weary of people who combine two dissimilar foods with the intent that they’ll get better and today my theory was confirmed.  A unit leader enjoyed his stay and sent us a bag of plain/cheddar/caramel popcorn and I’d been picking out the cheddar ones to eat through out the day.  An office mate recommended I try all three at once and I did.

Curse him.

Cheddar and caramel don’t strike me as a good combination and they were not.  I put this combination in the same category as a brownie covered in barbeque sauce, the chocolate covered slim jim and steak ice cream as foods that are an afront to a just a vengeful God.  While I’m normally opposed to segregation, keep the whites, coloreds and yellows separate, when it comes to popcorn.