Day at Kirby

I spent the day at camp Kirby playing adult while Whit was camp director.  All went well and I got to take some mental notes about the Webelos Weekend I’ll be doing in October.  After about four hours of becoming exhausted watching children run around I noticed the font space of Kirby.  Everything is in one of three fonts: Playbill for anything in a western theme, calibri for anything that’s official like “Do not enter” signs and comic sans for anything that kids see.

Every time I did the Cub Scout sign I’d jam my fingers into the ceiling which was awkward but there was a stark contrast between songs at OSR and songs at Kirby:  at OSR the adults get into songs and the kids stand about aloofly thinking their above singing while at Kirby it’s the opposite, except for one dude that was absolutely rocking father Abraham.  30 Cub Scouts doing Father Abraham is like watching a bunch of epileptics have seizures while standing.  It’s awesome.