Clear Glass Privacy Door-Level Security

Until I get a computer account at work the scanner that’s my current partner must be accessed by a co-worker.  The computer automatically logs after 15 minutes of use.  I tried right-clicking and going to the Screensavers tab to adjust the time and couldn’t, so I called tech support and asked if there was an alternative.  For security reasons, they apparently tightly control the log-in period.  But there’s a back-door.  Despite spending millions on setting up a Group Policy and having IT bees buzz around and secure it, I have somehow have unmitigated access to the registry.  I promptly set the key ScreenSaverActive to “0” to disengage it and started looking around.  Every major security feature can be manually disabled through the registry.

I told my manager about this problem and he began looking around in confusion until his eyes lit up after seeing the key that sets the screen saver.

Manager: So I can finally change the screen saver I’ve been forced to stare at for 5 years with a picture of [a pretty lady].
Me: Yes, yes you can have [a sequence of nice ladies] as your screen saver.  But I’ve been told it’ll reset each night as the magical computer gnomes reset the group policy.
Manager: It’s worth it.