The Power of Pizza

The conference room was packed today.  Jammed full of at least 40 people.  Why? Ladder training.  Well, that was the title of the lunch seminar, the power of free pizza such that everyone for one hour is mystefied by the mist-shrouded deathtrap that is the standard ladder.  When I walked by the slide was something like “Never let someone borrow your ladder” as if they were loaded weapons or someone one should horde for the coming apocalypse.  When I passed again, someone was passionately asking a question.  Like they had a ladder question their entire life and now, finally, the confusion could end.  But again, the pull of pizza was strong as everyone was glued to the screen as ladder mishaps were played and common ladder safety statistics that had been painstakingly assembled were shown.  I think we should see how far people will go for free pizza.

December: Shredder Safety Training
January: Stapler Safety Training
February: Glue Stick Safety Training
March: Chair Safety Training