Trojan Horse Gifts

Team Interrobang has had a spate of people (we think) using wall hacks (ways to see through things you’re not supposed to, like concrete) to cheat in Team Fortress 2.  I talked to a high school friend about what he did to track cheaters when he ran a server he said he’d use a coordinate tracker to help make demos showing impossible shots and such.  I follow his instructions, jump into a game, he tells me the start command and suddenly I can see through everything.  His solution to dealing with wallhacks, was to run a better wallhack.  Shit.  Team Fortress has built in software that generates hashes of game files to find cheaters, I think I could hear his hack humping and ravashing the EXEs and DLLs that Valve monitors so, knowing I couldn’t wait for a normal shut down before I received the irrevocable title of “cheater”.  I ripped the power cord out of the wall.

Guess who’s got two thumbs and is going to spent Turkey Day scrubbing his hard drive with a rare-earth magnet?  This guy!

If the above was a little too technical for your taste, here’s a video of a warthog running into a lion.