I'll Miss You, Ubuntu

After my desktop reinstall farce I was caught bewildered when my laptop BSODed me on startup.  It couldn’t possibly be related to removing the hard drive while the computer was still on during a RAM upgrade.  No, not at all.  Boot CD after recovery disk failed to circumvent the BSOD until I hit up that it could be problems with the boot loader and that I should try another file system.  So I installed Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibix) and the format went splendidly.  Ubuntu was up and running in a jiff with no noticable errors, prancing about digital fields as per its namesake.  Then I inserted the Vista disk and I could see the computer frown “so soon?” it said.  Inviting me with prompt boot time, the freedom of an open source OS that I could cock-up to my hearts content, and really a much nicer default background than Vista.  But alas, I wanted my tablet interface I never used to work, and support for an office suite that I often replace with Notepad, and finally the knowledge that it’s slow but so is everyone elses.

Edit: Looks like the Ibex shit in the punch bowl.  It’s replaced boot loader, and now my computer’s shitting out something about GRUB errors.  It appears Linux can play hardball when it wants to.  I’ll get the best of him, I’ve yet to meet a hard drive that can resist the allure/destructive field lines of a neobdynium rare earth magnet.