Pearls before Swine

After a few days of sitting on the countertop the drippings from the twin turkey breasts should probaby have been moved.  The fat had gelled, which I don’t think should happen.  I took the tray of fat outside and dumped it down our hill that leads to the corpse of pine trees where most food waste resides.   The meat Jello landed near the turkey carcass and I thought, like the turkey, it’d be picked clean by the fauna about the Robinson house.

About two hours later, on walking to the garage/hangar I saw a raccoon taking it’s first tentative licks at the wriggling mass of congealed fat only to stop and look at me saying “you expect me to eat this?  I’m better than that” before wandering off.  So now, there’s a slowly decaying mass of fat outside our house that none of our spoiled wildlife will touch.  On the plus side, the spring soap harvest should go well.