Quantum of Possibility

I’m fine with improbability in movies.  1 in a million shots, superhuman sniping abilities, random things exploding that have no business exploding, I can deal with all of them.  The blatantly impossible, I will not suffer.

Joe and I saw Quantum of Solace and in one part the protagonist his temporary partner jump from a plane and fight to deploy the parachute.  I’m fine with the fact that they happened to extend their fall by dropping into a sink hole, I’m fine with the fact that a plane down an engine was able to climb skyward, I’m fine with the fact that a Douglas DC-3 was able to out maneuver both a helicopter and a SF .260.  But the fact that the parachute was deployed within a second of impact and neither person was harmed enraged me.  Not a f&#%ing scratch.  I litterally yelled in the theatre “he should be a puddle!”

Some other notes from Quantum of Solace:

  • There were six different people listed in the Costuming credits.  It’s James Bond, go to Costco and buy a 24 pack of Tuxedos and you’ll be fine.
  • I want to become a glassmaker in a town filming a Bond film.  So many windows, glass tables, chandeliers, and french doors are destroyed that one could power a small guild.
  • The director shouldn’t receive nearly as much credit as the stunt coordinator.  Anyone who can arrange a chase scene through a cathedral under a church under construction, a horsetrack and the roofs of Milan has far more skill and creative power than Quinton Tarantino.
  • Good thing Bond only subdues people that are the same suit size as him.  Infiltrating a dwarf convention or a symposium on Marfan Syndrome would be impossible.
  • There’s also an end scene I’m miffed at but that’d be a bit of a spoiler.
  • I’m glad I have a better phone than James Bond.
  • The movie has the same amount of plot action of a two hour movie but jams it into 20 minutes of exposition.  I’ve talked to four people about the movie but everyone’s missed 1/2 of what happened.  I had to consult the Wikipedia article during the movie to keep characters straight.